What We Do

We bring a personable, ethical, passionate, and knowledgeable approach to recruitment, evaluation, expert witness, and workplace investigative services.  

Executive Search 

We work closely with the client to identify the ideal candidate profile for the leadership position which includes not just qualifications and competencies but cultural fit.  After establishing a detailed plan and timeline with the client, we identify potential candidates through an established network and extensive but personal search process,  pre-screen those candidates, and present candidates to the client.  Unlike many firms, we also lead the selection process after discussions with the client on appropriate tools including written exams, oral board interviews, assessment centers, written exercises, meet and greet with the community, labor leaders and key organizational leaders.  Upon selection, we assist the client with the offer process.  

Executive Evaluation

We develop or refine evaluation criteria with the client.  Based on the evaluation criteria, we anonymously survey the identified key stakeholders which may include a self-evaluation by the executive. The results of the survey are compiled into one major report which is presented to client and executive.  We assist with compensation analysis as well as the evaluation discussion.  Upon completion of the evaluation, we assist with the goal-setting process.  

Expert Witness

We are a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association and provide expert witness services in employment matters specializing in harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and complex HR issues.

30+ years of experience in Human Resources

20+ years leadership experience

Nationally recognized HR certifications

Public Sector experience

15+ years community/board involvement

Knowledge/experience in all aspects of HR

Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation

Workplace Misconduct/Investigations

Complex HR issues

HR policies and practices

Workplace Investigations

We use our extensive experience in workplace issues to provide impartial, thorough, and complex investigations of all forms of employee misconduct including harassment, discrimination and retaliation allegations.