Cathy Carlat


City of Peoria, Arizona

Laura Ingegneri provided great leadership and expertise to me, the City Council and the well-being of the City of Peoria during important times of change.  Her proficiency in personnel matters was front and center as we replaced critical executive positions such as the City Manager and the City Attorney.  She very capably created and executed logical and structured processes and corresponding timelines that tied back to Council schedules and eventual Council confirmation.  If I had only one word to describe Ms. Ingegneri, it would be fearless. She is undaunted by challenge as she keeps one eye focused on the day as she manages the evolution of the workplace of tomorrow.

Art Miller

Chief of Police

Prior to my selection as Chief of Police, all candidates including myself went through a selection process that was designed and coordinated by Ms. Ingegneri.  The multi-phased process was intense and challenging. Throughout the process, Ms. Ingegneri ensured it was fair and kept the best interest of the City at the forefront.  As every candidate within an organization can attest, the process is a two-way street. It provides the candidate a glimpse of the organization they will be working for.  Ms. Ingegneri created a professional environment and a fantastic representation of the City.  

Carl copy 2.jpg

Carl Swenson

Retired City Manager

ICMA Life Member 

Laura Ingegneri is an outstanding public sector Human Resources professional.  She has extensive background in all aspects of human resources management and is particularly skilled in areas of recruitment and in conducting manager evaluations.  Over several years working with Laura she lead many successful recruitments for key positions in the city.  Similarly, conducting and facilitating manager evaluations requires unique knowledge of the relationship between a Council/Board and the manager.  Her depth of knowledge and strong interpersonal skills are very well suited to assuring a successful review.  



Kathy Peckardt

Retired Deputy Chief of Staff

Arizona Governor's Office

I had the pleasure of working with Laura Ingegneri for over 10 years in Arizona State Government.  I have always been impressed with her ability to effectively communicate, think strategically, focus on the customer’s needs and her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of human resources. I often relied on Laura because she was willing to think out of the box and to go above and beyond to drive organizational improvements.